Read how past clients have been helped through Neurofeedback Training

I began Neurofeedback with Liana for nerve pain. I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit nervous. Liana immediately put me at ease and in lay terms explained how the treatment works and its benefits. It has helped with my pain as well as with the anxiety it produces. Part of why a treatment works has to do with the practitioner. Liana is very professional, extremely caring, kind, and compassionate. I believe she wanted me to feel better just as much as I did. She creates a trusting, calm and relaxing environment. Liana is very dedicated to her practice and to her patients. I would not hesitate at all in recommending her.
~ CM
When I first began my Neurofeedback training with Liana, I asked for help with insomnia, headache, and tinnitus. I am 67 years of age and have lived with headache and insomnia since my teenage years. As I approach my 20th NF session, I would like to report that, much to my delight, symptoms are greatly reduced in all three areas! Before I began my NF experience, Liana explained how it works and gave me a wonderful book to read more about it. In the sessions, she listens carefully and thoughtfully. She is a very caring, compassionate therapist who truly wants to enhance the lives of her clients. I look forward to continuing my work with Liana and highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in pursuing Neurofeedback or any type of OT.
~ LM
My adult son with autism has benefitted from Neurofeedback training so much that people who see him now remark that he’s a different person. His anxiety is greatly reduced, he is better at problem solving, he’s making better (dietary) choices and has a more positive outlook. I would recommend this therapy to anyone! I can honestly see how it is helping his brain work better.
~ J (mother of GW)
My 6 year old son has been receiving neurofeedback training from Liana for the past year. Prior to these sessions he was evaluated and deemed speech delayed. On top of that he had cognitive delays as well as sensory issues with light and sound. While these problems were not deemed to be “on the spectrum” they were creating barriers in his social life with other children as well as developting coping mechanisms for frustration. When beginning the neurofeedback, the first thing I noticed immediately was the nighttime bruxism and nightmares subsided. Gradually his speech improved, he was developing full sentences, and was able to clearly communicate with other children… to communicate his frustrations so we could address them and work on coping mechanisms. In a matter of a few months my son was not only thinking deeper thoughts but also discussing them. He is able to understand new concempts at first pass and apply critical thinking. His meltdowns are almost nonexistent…able to deal with frustration better…works through a problem by asking for help. As far as sensory, we are able to go to a fair or arcade without any problems with sensory overload. I can attest that neurofeedback not only works, but has made significant life changing improvements for my 6 year old son.
~ AC (mother of EH)
Ever since I started NFB for my depression and anxiety my life has changed. I used to feel nothing at all, no happiness or sadness. Through Neurofeedback I have become more self aware, I have found tools within me I didn’t even know I had. NFB has worked better than any medication I’ve been on. It is a process I’m glad I never gave up on.
~GB (age 21)
I had really bad tinnitus, which is ringing in my ears. I went to Neurofeedback and it helped me a lot. The ringing sound went down and my flare-ups went away. I also noticed I didn’t have “Sunday night blues” before going to school on Mondays anymore.
~ DB (age 12)

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