Rates & Insurance

*Health Insurance Welcomed  

*Medicare & Medicaid Provider

PAY-PAL,  Health Savings Account/HSA,

Major Credit Cards,  Check and Cash are accepted

*Rates planned to change 2023

VitalTherapy  RATES:
(children 1/2 price)

INTAKE/1st session:   Adult: $150,  Child and Family members: $100.

REGULAR SESSIONS (to follow intake):

Adult: $100 from $120/session,  Children and Family members: $75/session.


What to expect/Sessions:

A comprehensive evaluation/Intake session is completed by Liana Valla, a licensed health care clinician. This may include a functional performance assessment to use as a baseline objective measurement pre-therapy, repeated later for additional evidence of progress.  Liana will ask you to rate your sense of functioning based on your Symptom Checklist, and will review your life history at an established comfort level.

The first Neurofeedback session or other indicated OT interventions are included with the Intake session, usually lasting 2 hours (or 1+ hour for children).  Program goals and expectations will be discussed and a therapeutic care plan, timeline, and schedule set.  You will be encouraged to take the role of your own program manager, following recommendations made by Liana.  Your desired functional outcomes will be assessed regularly by Symptoms Checklist, which guides Liana in therapeutic recommendations for each session.  Subsequent sessions are 45-90min depending on services of Care Plan.

A commitment of 20 sessions is required if entering into Neurofeedback training; otherwise OT programming is at your discretion and paid on session-session basis.

Communication with Liana is expected to be open and truthful.

Liana will direct any medication concerns back to the prescribing physician.

Cancellations are expected to be made in a timely way by text or phone vs email, directly to Liana Valla.

HIPPA guidelines are a part of the your client/therapist agreement.